Our Members

Midwest Can Company has been producing quality containers for our customers since 1951. What began as a company dedicated to the sole production of metal containers has since evolved into a corporation offering a wide range of container solutions that meet our customers’ growing needs and requirements.

Today, Midwest Can Company, together with our subsidiary, Container Specialties, Inc, provides innovative container solutions while maintaining the highest level of quality standards. Our commitment to our customers is to offer the highest quality products; Market them competitively; and maintain the exceptional level of customer service our customers have come to expect. To learn more about Midwest Can Company’s products, please visit www.midwestcan.com.

In the 80s, a Missouri farmer knew there had to be a better way to pour gas into his equipment.  Even when it was less than $1 per gallon he hated spilling and wasting gas.  He invented the first gas can with a push button valve.  Now that laws require valves on all portable fuel containers, you could say that farmer was way ahead of his time.  We’ve refined a few things about our patented No-Spill® gas cans along the way, but we still have the simple push button control people have used and loved for years.
To learn more about No-Spill products, please visit   www.nospill.com

At Scepter Canada Inc., we specialize in designing and manufacturing unique molded plastic products to meet the needs of our customers around the world. We have a proud history as innovators in our industry. Scepter introduced the first plastic Jerry cans to North American markets. We designed and manufactured the first plastic dairy cases and the first curbside recycling containers. We played a leading role in converting the marine industry to plastic remote outboard engine fuel tanks and introduced advanced plastic packaging for heavy caliber military ammunition.
To learn more about Scepter Canada Inc. products, please visit www.scepter.com

Scepter USA began operations in March 2013 and manufactures its products under license from Scepter Corporation. The company’s central location in Miami, Oklahoma provides an effective distribution point to all parts of the country. Scepter USA is committed to developing quality products designed to meet the needs of consumers. Our commitment to excellence includes meeting or exceeding all U.S. and International standards for Portable Fuel Containers. Scepter USA is now certified to ISO 9001: 2008 for its Quality Management System.
For more information, visit www.scepterusa.com

The Plastics Group (TPG) launched in 1997 with a clear-cut strategy: To provide highly engineered products and value-added services from a series of advantageous geographic manufacturing locations. By adhering to that strategy, we've done more than build products. We’ve built a reputation as a company that not only meets, but exceeds expectations. To learn more about The Plastics Group, please visit www.theplasticsgroup.net.